Hunting Policy And Information

In response to reports of illegal hunting within Chelaque Estates, the following information is provided to help educate our community and provide the contact information to report suspected violations.

Chelaque's Covenants and Restrictions prohibit hunting or the discharge of any weapon on Chelaque property, including vacant lots and common areas.

TVA properties are considered public lands and hunting is permitted except in developed areas such as dams, power plants and public recreation areas.

Tennessee Code, Title 70, Chapter 4, Part 1, 70-4-108
(b) It is unlawful to hunt, shoot at, chase, or kill, with or without dogs any wild animal, wild bird or wild fowl on public lands and waters within one hundred yards (100 yds.) of a visible dwelling house, whether or not such dwelling house is on public or private lands, without the owner's permission.

Tennessee Code, Title 70, Chapter 4, Part 1, 70-4-106
(a)(1)It is unlawful for any person to hunt, take, chase, trap or kill any wild animal, wild bird, wild fowl or fish, upon the land of another without having first obtained the permission or approval of the owners of the land, or of the person or persons in charge of the land and having authority from the owner to give such permission.

Note: So, even if a person is hunting legally on TVA or adjacent private property and the wounded animal enters Chelaque property, they must first obtain permission before retrieving or tracking across Chelaque property. However, since our boundaries are not posted as defined in TN Code and doing so would be very cost prohibited, prosecution for any offenses would be nearly impossible to enforce.

Tennessee Code, Title 70, Chapter 4, Part 1, 70-4-106
(b)(1)(B)(ii)The signs must be visible at all major points of ingress and must be accompanied by fluorescent visual markings, which markings must also be placed at fifty-yard (50 yd) intervals around the perimeter of the lands being posted. Such fluorescent visual markings must be at least one inch (1'') wide and four inches (4'') long. The division of forestry, in cooperation with the department of agriculture and the wildlife resources agency, shall determine a unique universal paint color or colors, including the color blue, to be used for these property boundary markings.

For the complete Tennessee hunting rules and regulations, click the button below.

Seen Hunting Violations?

If you believe persons are hunting on Chelaque property or are violating Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency rules and regulations, you may report the activity to TWRA Region 4 at 1-800-831-1174 or contact the Hawkins County Sheriff Department at 423-272-4848

It is never recommended that residents confront suspected violators themselves.

Many of the borders between Chelaque Estates and TVA are painted in red with signs posted.